A Muslim is a person who acknowledges God as Lord and one God, denies lordship or divinity to others, adopts Islam as a religion, follows Muhammad as a prophet and messenger, takes the Qur’an as a guidebook, and performs the five pillars of Islam.

I’m proud to be a Muslim

yes im muslim

The definition of Islam

Islam is considered one of the three levels of religion, which are: Islam, faith and charity, since God – the Most High – sent His Prophet Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace – with guidance and the religion of truth, and it is Islam with which God sent all the messengers, where the Almighty said: Allah is Islam).
Islam is defined in language and terminology as follows:
Islam is a language: it is humiliation and submission to orders and prohibitions; That is: he surrendered and surrendered and surrendered, and from it is the saying of God Almighty: (And when he surrendered, he recited it to the forehead) [5] and the meaning: when they submitted to God’s command and submitted to Him.

Islam idiomatically: Islam in Sharia has two meanings, and the following is their explanation:

Universal Islam: It is the surrender of all creatures without will to the commands of God Almighty, whether the creature is pleased or not, he has no choice in his health or illness, in his life or death, in his wealth or poverty, and other than that, every creature submits to God’s commands – the Almighty – fatalism.

and it says: (other than the religion of God would want and has the safest in the heavens and the earth, voluntarily and involuntarily, and to return), and even the infidel and believer, and obedient and the sinner, but the animals are all, there is no advantage in it for one on one, and therefore does not entail the reward and punishment, except in specific cases; Like illness or poverty when being patient with that, or when thanking God for the blessing of being rich, for example, then we enter the realm of legal Islam that is explained below.

Legitimate Islam: It means submission and submission to the laws of God Almighty, and it is divided into two parts; public and private.

public Islam: is Islam in general which was brought by all the prophets, the Almighty said: (I have sent down the Torah in which guidance and light judged by the prophets who converted to Islam for those who are Jews and rabbis and rabbis, including Asthvzawa from the Book of Allah and they were martyrs do not be afraid of people, fear me and you can buy Baiati a little expensive and not He judges by what God has revealed, so those are the unbelievers).
As for special Islam: it is the religion of Islam that our Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, brought.