angels Islam and its view of women

Islam and its view of women and their condition before Islam

Islam and its view of women and their condition before Islam.


Islam’s view of women is the creation of God – Glory be to Him – the great universe, and in it he enumerated and varied creatures, and made among the creatures man, and made him male and female, and taught the instinct of each of them separately, so he made the man strong, patient,

enduring hardships and difficulties, and imposed upon him jihad for the sake of Islam, and made him The one who is in charge of the family and its needs,

so he goes out to work all day long, neither harming nor disabling him, and in return he has created the female less strong and ruthless, and weaker in body than the man.

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Attractiveness in creation to the man inclined to, so that love and tranquility within the family that God – the Most High – has drawn its limits and conditions.

But what is required of him is to respect the woman and appreciate the great task that she performs behind him, as she is his partner in the conduct of life straight and easy,

as God Almighty said: (Men are in charge of women),[2] and also said: (And they are like the one who has knowledge [3].

was mm God Almighty made it obligatory for a woman to wear the hijab to emphasize her modesty and chastity, and the hijab was never a digest of her rights,

or a restriction of her freedom at all, but it is a guarantee of her chastity and purity, and Islam emphasized hijab in general, such as not being submissive by saying likewise,

so as not to be tempted by her beauty and femininity from those who do not He has the right to enjoy her, and all of this is in honor of her,

and in order to preserve her beauty and her rights, and not as the enemies of Islam deceive that this is an assimilation of her rights, a restriction of her freedom and other suspicions that have become about Islam, the veil and women.[1]

Islam and women Islam honors women and raises their status, and it appears This is in many manifestations and evidence, including:[4]

The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: (Women are the sisters of men),[5] and this is a clear statement that women are equal to men in destiny and status, so there is nothing that detracts from their place and value.

The commandment of the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – was for women, and the command to take care of them and take care of them always, as he said in his will on the day of Hajj: (Treat women well).

God has recommended the Almighty mother in the Holy Qur’an in more than one place, where God Almighty said:

(and Using human parents his mother and here on the weakness and weaning in two years to thank me and your parents to self-determination), [7] and brought the

man to the Prophet, peace be God He, peace be upon him, asked him for permission to go out with him for jihad, so the Prophet, peace be upon him, replied: (He said: Is your mother alive? I said:

Yes. He said:

Stick to her husband, then Paradise).[8]

Islam has mercy on the woman, so he drops the group’s prayers from her so that she stays in her house and manages his affairs.

Islam honored the woman when she was a child, and gave her rights, and raised the degree of his daughter’s politeness and education, where the Prophet, peace be upon him, said:

(Whoever of these daughters is afflicted with something, they will be a shield for him from the Fire). Because of its weakness and its difficulty.

It is forbidden to divorce a woman while she is menstruating, because of the distress and physical and psychological hardship she is going through.

The inheritance is imposed on her by her husband, brother, father and son, even though she is not obligated to spend on any of them.

The negligence of her hair made her a liberation from her ihram; This is due to its appearance and beauty.

Islam made the dowry for the woman a legal right at the time of the contract over her, and forbade taking anything from it.

Inflicting a great punishment on those who falsely accuse a woman of her honor, and Islam has made the penalty of eighty lashes for anyone who accuses a woman of her honor in lying, and his testimony is never accepted after that.

Islam honored the woman even after her death by making her husband, or one of the women, who washes her; Observing her chastity and purity.

Islam honored the woman when Islam permitted her to divorce a man if the woman hated her husband, and he refused to divorce her.

The situation of women before Islam The period of ignorance before the advent of Islam witnessed a severe injustice to women, as they were considered a thing of belongings, owned by a person if he wanted and disposed of if he hated it.

Like all other belongings, if a man dies and has a second wife, his eldest son inherits her, and it is his right.

Certain, and one of the injustices of a woman was that she mourned the death of her husband for an entire year, in the most heinous manner;

She wore her heirlooms, lived in the worst rooms of her dwelling, did not touch perfume, did not purify, did not trim nails or trim hair, and did not go out on anyone, for a whole year.

Types of marriage, there is the temporary marriage, which is the temporary marriage with a term, and there is the marriage of istibah;

It is for a man to send his wife to one of the senior men to have a son from him who carries his good qualities, and also, it was a bad custom that several men participated in intercourse with a woman, and when she gave birth,

the woman would attach the boy to whomever of the men she wanted, and men in the pre-Islamic era hated girls, and were afraid of shame If it sprouts,

they bury her alive; To get rid of the shame that may befall them, and the situation remained with them, and it took a long time until Islam came with its tolerant teachings, and its justice between men and women, and the status of women rose. [10]

Talking about women and their rights does not stop, whether this talk is actually intended for women to obtain their rights, or if its purpose is bad, which is to keep women away from their pioneering role in building society,

and make them another creation, abandoning their physiological and psychological nature, which helps them to carry out their tasks.

Many writers, authors, and media professionals from the West, the East and others have crossed the limit, and even some Muslims – who falsely claim that they are from the Enlightenment

– in their talk about women and claim that Islam has oppressed and restricted women, and they interpreted texts from the Qur’an and Sunnah with a strange interpretation that serves their purpose. Among the issues they focused on:

the issue of inheritance, veiling, the testimony of a woman is half the testimony of a man… and other fabricated cases that were killed in response, but the seeker of truth is sufficient evidence, and the owner of falsehood is not convinced by a thousand evidence!!

Women in the perception of the owners of the alleged civilizations:


The strange thing is that the owners of so-called civilizations who demand women’s rights – and at the same time accuse Islam of wasting women’s rights – are the ones who squandered women’s rights.

The Chinese civilization described women as “painful waters” that wash away happiness and money, and the husband had the right to sell his wife as a slave girl and take away her property, and the wife was not entitled to marry after the death of her husband, and from the teachings of Confucius to the man and the woman that the man is the chief, he must command, and the woman is subordinate to her.

Obedience has no right to the inheritance of her husband and father, except for what is offered to her as a gift.

In the Indian civilization, the laws (Manu) deprived the woman of her right to be independent from the authority of her father, husband or son. The woman was cremated with her husband after his death. As women were sacrificed to the gods to be satisfied, and women were counted as part of the spoils of war after victory, to be divided among the leaders, and women in India were deprived of their right to education, property, and their right to ask for divorce( [1] ).

As for the view of some Western thinkers and philosophers towards women , the Greek philosopher (Plato) classifies women in a number of his books and dialogues with slaves and villains and with the insane and the sick, and the philosopher (Kant), one of the Western philosophers, describes women as weak in all directions, especially in their mental abilities, as well as a philosopher The French Revolution (Jean-Jacques Rousseau) says: that women existed for sex and for procreation only, and shared (Freud), the pioneer of the school of psychoanalysis (Jean-Jacques Rousseau) in his view of women and considered them an incomplete sex that cannot reach a man or be close to it ([2]).

 The status of women in Islam:

· Perceived Islam women look honor and pride are the mother and sister and wife, and partner men assume the responsibilities of life, a woman charged with the man of God Almighty in the promotion of the task of succession in the land: “Taking your Lord , the angels said , I will create a Khalifa in the earth” ( The Cow: 30 ).

· They are in Islam on one degree with men in honor and reverence :

“We have honored the sons of Adam and carried them on land and sea and provided them with good things and Vdilnahm many of those who created a preference” (Al – Isra: 70).

· The  sanctity of the lives of women and men to the rank of one of the status and conservation :

“Therefore , we wrote to the children of Israel that whoever kills the same or corruption in the earth as if all the people killed and revived as if he saved all mankind and came of interest to our messengers with clear proofs , and that many of them after That is on the earth of the transgressors” (Al-Ma’idah: 32).

· Women in Islam and human creating Hairline generations : “O people , fear your Lord who created you from creating one of them her husband and transmit them many men and women , and fear God , who asks by the kinship of God you were an observer” (women: 1) ..

· Responsibility of life and governance and take care of the interests of people is the responsibility of men and women , Qasaly Allah be upon him:

“you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock of Imam shepherd and is responsible for his flock and the man is the shepherd of his family and is responsible for his flock and the woman is the shepherd in her husband ‘s house and is responsible for her flock and server shepherd in his master’s money and he is responsible for his flock  [3] .

Women’s rights in Islam

Islam and its view of women


Islam gave women their full rights, and raised their status, so they were value and stature. Among these rights are:

1- Equality in the origin of creation:

Islam affirms the unity of the human race in creation and the creation of all mankind from one soul, the Most High said: “It is He who created you from a single soul and made its mate from it so that it may dwell with Him” (Al-A’raf: 89).

2- Equality in legal costs:

Islamic law recognized the principle of equality between men and women are not in conflict with human nature, including the equality of religious costs: prayer, fasting, Zakat, Hajj, Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice “believers and believers and some parents of some enjoin good and forbid evil and establish the prayer and pay the Zakat Those who obey God and His Messenger, God will have mercy on them, for God is Mighty, Wise.” (At-Tawbah: 71).

3- Equality in inheritance:

The woman before Islam does not inherit are small, Islam came to decide a woman’s right to inheritance: “Men’s share, leaving the parents and kinsmen and women’s share, leaving the parents and kinsmen than less than or many inheritance imposed” (women: 7).

4- Equality in the right to education

Islam made seeking knowledge an obligation upon both men and women, and called upon Muslims, men and women, to reach the highest levels of knowledge: “And say, ‘My Lord, increase me in knowledge: (Taha: 114)’. Companions, and Mrs. Nafisa was a student of Imam Shafi’i on her hands.

5- Equality in the right to work

Muslim women practiced everything was known, social, scientific, civil, economic and combative political activities, so it has the right to own property, contracting and earn money and act as required by its own affairs management says the Almighty: “The era that man is in lost except those who believe and do good works, and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to patience” ( Surah Al-Asr).

6- Equality in political rights:

The woman – since the beginning of Islam – shared the opinion on the course of matters, and she used to attend government councils and reconsidered his decisions, and we found in the house of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, himself ministers and advisors to him in both religious and worldly affairs.

God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and with her money she participated in consolidating the nascent Islamic message, and in the biography of Muslims, the Muslims overcame the most serious crisis at the beginning of the history of Islam on the day of the Treaty of Hudaybiyah with the wisdom and advice of a woman, and she is the mother of the believers Umm Salamah – may God be pleased with her [4] .

By presenting the position of women in Islam and talking about the rights that characterized them, it becomes clear to us that women in Islam are the backbone and cornerstone in building societies and their renaissance, if they know their duties and perform them, and know their legitimate rights and adhere to them.

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